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Volunteer your time and talents right from where you are!"

Gather a group of friends and share with them about Uzima Centre

Invite a group from your church or faith community to set aside a regular time to pray for Uzima Centre and the people we serve.

If you are receiving our quarterly newsletter, forward it to your friends and family so that we can reach more people.

Join with us in making the world a more compassionate place. Reach out to those in your community who have been rejected. Show that you care in whatever way you can.

Remember us in your prayers, that God may give us the strength, wisdom and resources we need to continue this work.

Everything we do is made possible by our donors and supporters. Give if you can

Show us Love

Show Your Love!

If your truly touched and interested to assist us with anything not just money, just anything which can make our programs keep going, please submit your information we shall contact you;